Outdoor Activities in Small Groups for July/August

Although we cannot hold troop-wide campouts right now, interested Scouts can ask their patrols or other small groups to make their own plans instead. Now that King and neighboring counties are in Phase 2 of reopening, Scouts are able to assemble in small groups and have outdoor activities, camping and service. 

Those that are ready to get outside in small groups can opt in, and those that are not quite ready can opt out.

Groups are generally limited to 6 (max of 5 people outside your household). That could be a party of 3 Scouts with their 3 parents, or 4 Scouts and 2 parents. Patrol members should work with their patrol leaders, ASM/parents to make their own plans. 

Here are some guidelines:

  • Follow all public health guidelines in place at the time of the event.
  • Limit the party to 6 people max (5 outside your household); if more than 6 are interested, you can form additional isolated parties.
  • Use masks and use social distancing of 6 feet between participants
  • Don’t share tents outside the household
  • No group food plans – please make plans for food by yourself or one buddy
  • Attention to hygiene – provide plenty of hand sanitizer, surface wipes for public surfaces, handwashing stations if not already provided, and bleach wipes for public toilet surfaces. 

Please call if questions.

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