OA Virtual Induction Nov. 6-7

*****Attention: OA Candidates elected on February 11, 2020*****

In collaboration with OA National, T’Kope Kwiskwis Lodge will conduct a virtual Induction Weekend on November 6-7, 2020. An in-person Induction is still planned for April/June/August 2021. The Lodge is looking forward to the in-person Inductions in 2021 and it will depend on the health guidelines at the time.

Elected scouts and nominated adults received an email from the Lodge today regarding the virtual Induction. Please read the content of the email carefully. The virtual Induction registration closes on October 24, 2020.

Each scout and adult should consider and decide if they want to participate in the virtual Induction. The essence of the Induction is the same, but the virtual one will be somewhat different from the in-person Induction. The Induction will start early evening on November 6th and end early evening November 7th. In line with the in-person Induction, elected candidates are expected to fully participate throughout the duration of the Induction.  Each candidate is expected to be present online with your video on.

Please reach out to Caroline Rich, Inductions Vice Chief, or me (for T-909 members) if you have any questions regarding the Induction. Thank you.

Tomo Takahashi | Ashuk T’salil Associate Chapter Adviser

Originally posted by ttakahashi on Oct 12 2020 – 9:17pm

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